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Lessons in Leadership

The latest issue of ComputerWorld, Oct 2nd issue, has a very good section on leadership, Lessons In Leadership, where five top CIOs share their lessons learned. I am going to extract some great quotes I found. These quotes explain what leadership is in a practical way.

Bette Walker, CIO of Delphi Corp”I remind my direct reports that if they’re not doing a good job of communicating, coaching and preparing materials in advance, change will take even longer.”

David Rice, CIO of Siemens Medical Solutions USA”Sometimes the absolutely worst decision is to not make a decision. Being a leader means having to make tough decisions. If you’re not comfortable with that, you’re probably in the wrong job.”

Bill Spooner, CIO of Sharp HealthCare”You’ve got to do everything you can to make your employees proud to work for you and proud of what they’re doing. They need to sense the importance of what they’re doing.”

Rick Davidson, CIO of Manpower”I believe it’s important to be honest and transparent and to establish trust between management and employees. People follow leaders because the leader can take them places they can’t go on their own. And if you violate that trust, people won’t follow you anymore.”

Noel Tichy, author and former head of GE’s leadership centerQ: “What is the best thing a leader can do?”A: “Be a teacher and develop other leaders while the organization keeps winning. The worst people in the world to do this are consultants, professionals and training stuff. It is up to the leaders of an organization to be the teachers.”

ReferenceLessons In Leadership, CW article

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