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America: The Last Best Hope (Volume I)

American history is interesting. It has had many great leaders. Reading about Washington, Hamilton, Franklin, Lincoln, Wilson, just to name a few, is fascinating. This is really interesting to me, and I’m not a history buff at all.

My knowledge how America was founded is increasing. I learned a lot from this book. I have to admit that I did not learn a lot about US history in High School nor in College. (I don’t remember anything from those studies, in any case.) But by reading books like this, I am putting things into context and things are starting to make sense for me.

This book presents the events from when America was discovered all the way till the 1st World War. Not everything was interesting, as in any history book, but overall, this was a very good book. Interesting from start to finish… at times, I could not put it down.What were the most interesting parts? Independence movement, Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, and Woodrow Wilson.

Negatives? At times, it was not detailed enough. I have read a good deal about the independence movement and learned in detail about Hamilton, Franklin, Washington, and Adams. Not enough was said about them. Coverage about Hamilton was not sufficient, who I consider the most prolific founding father thus far.

Overall, a very good book; interesting 20 hours of listening.

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