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Learning Less… But More! February 1st, 2012

Learning Less… But More!

Am I really an effective learner?

Just so we’re clear and in context, that’s one of my goals.

I want to learn to remember. And the only way I know how to do that is if I do something with that information.

But what?

I can write about it. That’s #1. I should, as being an active blogger is one of my goals as well.

I should read more than one reference on the subject. That’s #2. Reading mutliple books, articles on the subject makes the knowledge deeper.

And finally, to seal the deal, I should apply the knowledge. That’s #3. If it’s related to programming, my profession, I should write a sample program. Applying knowledge is not always easy, and might actually consume the most time. But without it, I feel, I’m not going to put the knowledge into my long-term memory. And depends on the scope and compexity, I might have to apply it multiple times.

So to answer the question, I am slowly transitioning to being an effective learner. I used to learn a lot by reading. But that’s shallow knowledge and I easily forgot. Now I’m trying to make the learning deeper… learning less, but more!

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