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International ETFs October 2nd, 2006

International ETFs

I am just looking over the 2006 Semi-Annual iShares MSCI Series report I received today. I’m thinking, US economy will slow in the next year or two. Looking at the markets outside of US, I might want to invest in other assets.

For instance, iShares Australia Index (EWA). 1 year return: 15.83%; 5 year return: 148%.

Brazil Index (EWZ): 1 year: 70%; 5 years: 187%

Canada Index (EWC): 1 year: 33%; 5 years: 103%

Mexico Index (EWW): 1 year: 45%; 5 years: 194%

Those are some impressive returns. I like Canada and Australia indexes: stable countries with very good results. I should have invested in Brazil when it went down a year or two ago; same with Mexico.

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