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My Top 10 Firefox Extensions February 5th, 2010

My Top 10 Firefox Extensions

Here are my top 10 Firefox extensions that I use on a daily basis.

1. Morning Coffee
A very simple way to load your “morning” bookmarks.

2. Firebug
If you are a web developer, this is a must.

3. Delicious Bookmarks
I’m utilizing it more and more, and utilizing browser’s favorites less and less.

4. ScribeFire Blog Editor
An easy way to publish to my blogs.

5.  Adblock Plus
Unless you love ads, gotta have this extension.

6. LastTab
Very useful. Pressing Ctr+Tab switches to your previus tab.

7. Xmarks
Synchronizes your bookmarks across all computers. Beats manual synching.

8. Web Developer
Also a must for developers.

9. FireShot
Useful utility to take partial screen shots.

10. Download Status
I don’t like the default download dialog. This extension fixes that shortcoming.

P.S. Not on the list, though I now consider it a must have: Chrome! :-) It’s really a sleek browser! As more and more extensions are being developed for it, maybe I’ll create another Top-10 for Chrome! :-)

Do you have any that you love that are not on the list? Add it as a comment!

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