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The Economist Magazine June 21st, 2006

The Economist Magazine

I used to be a subscriber of Time for several years. No more. I have discovered something vastly better.

The Economist has become my favorite weekly magazine. It has excellent writing. It has short stories that are very interesting to read. It has articles on every continent in the world, with extra sections for US and United Kindgdom. It has technology news. It has business news. It has book reviews. It has everything that you need to stay well informed.

I don’t know of any other news magazine that is as good as The Economist.

It is truly a gem. If you want to learn what’s going on in the world, this is a great way to do it. A lot of people get their news from the web. They base their opinion on never-heard sources. I don’t like that. I like to read sources that are trusted. The Economist is as trusted as you can get.

What’s different about this magazine vs Time, Newsweek, etc, is that all articles are editorials. They don’t contain “she said, he said” types of articles which are good sometimes, but don’t let you see the big picture easily. The Economists articles are basically essays, which, to me, are a lot better (and harder to write). The author brings you the big picture, you can’t miss it. What I like the most about the magazine is the variety. The US magazines give you mostly information about the US. The Economist gives you a world view.

It’s not cheap, though. I paid $45 on Ebay, but you can no longer get it. You can buy it through Amazon for $98 (click on this offer) and get $25 gift certificate. Otherwise, you have to pay over $100.

I am learning a lot by reading the Economist. You will too. I highly recommend it.

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