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How I Get Off Mailing Lists December 29th, 2004

How I Get Off Mailing Lists

I am tired of pre-approved credit card offers. I have several credit cards and I don’t want any more. I want to opt out from the list where these credit agencies get my name from. OK, Stas, go to this website and opt out: That’s what I did yesterday. We’ll see what happens. :-)

I am also tired of unwanted letters in the mail. I only want to open letters that are of interest to me. I have to say that after signing up for this service, Mail Preference Service (MPS), I receive a lot less junk (just like you get less calls after signing up for do-not-call list). I’m seeing that my wife is getting a lot more junk mail now — I signed her up last week. :-) You have to mail a letter to them.

So that’s how I keep myself from opening unwanted letters.

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