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Speed Reading September 12th, 2006

Speed Reading

I read a lot. I love to read. Every chance I get, I try to read. I acquire a lot of knowledge through reading. It’s more a habit now than a hobby. I would probably not be able to live without it. :-) So why not learn how to speed-read?

I am still a skeptical about speed reading. But lately, I think it might work.

I read this article, Speed-Reading Techniques, some time ago. Basically, the guy convinced me that speed reading might actually work. For everyone. I’m not sure if it works for all material types, but it works overall.

The author points out an interesting analogy: speed reading is like speed driving. Everyone can do it, but you need to be fully concentrated and follow some basic reading techniques, like using your finger, getting rid of all distractions, and having a purpose of why you’re reading. Also, the author says, you cannot speed read all the time, and you don’t have to — again the analogy to speed driving (do you always do it?).

I got convinced to at least try it. I’m trying to use a finger when I read. I know I read a lot of faster now but I’m not retaining a lot. :-( I have to do some more research, re-read this excellent article, buy a book, and see if it helps me.

If I can speed read, if I can double my reading speed, then I’m going to benefit greatly.

ResourcesSpeed-Reading Techniques, by Keith Drury

Breakthrough Rapid Reading, book I bought by Peter Kump

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