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Our Trip to Spain August 23rd, 2005

Our Trip to Spain

We visited 4 places in 7 days…

Barcelona. The greatest city I’ve ever been to. You can say New York has it all. But Barcelona has more — at least it seems like. It has a beach within walking distance, great food, great night-life, and an amazing city center. I don’t know what else you can ask for. What’s more, it’s a very tourist friendly city: you can practically walk and reach all destinations.

Valencia. Beautiful but boring. We went there for the beach. Very disappointed.

Ibiza. Are you single? Then you have to visit Ibiza. It’s the biggest party place on the planet. Period. Very nice beaches. Beautiful girls — with nice boobs (oh, yeah, I was in heaven for a couple of days :-) . Girls, because you can hardly notice any older people. I’d love to go back.

Majorca. Coming from Ibiza, a little disappointed. It’s like you add 15-20 years to the average age of the people. It feels like you’re in another country. Germany? :-) But for families, it’s great. Very beautiful.

4 places in 7 days. Not bad. But overall, we liked Greece better last year. Something was missing.

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