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Good Quality Funds

In my retirement accounts, I only hold Mutual Funds. Why? More security. More diversity. I’m also open to holding ETFs, which are almost like Mutual Funds, but I try to stay away from stocks.

It’s good to rebalance every year or so. It’s been a while since I’ve done it. But because we had a decent dip recently, I think it might be a good time for me to do so. Plus, I have come across some excellent Mutual Funds in the Kiplinger’s magazine — I always try to buy their yearly issue focused on Mutual Funds.

Here are some funds which I like and which I picked mostly from that issue. I’m entering trades as I’m writing this post.

Bond Funds

A pair of the best and most famous bond funds, as per Kiplinger’s.

(also available as an ETF, )

Another of our favorites, same source.

The portfolio of Harbor more or less reflects the distilled wisdom of Bill Gross and his colleagues at Pimco. Kiplinger’s top 25 pick.

(also available as an ETF, )
For added security, it’s always have to have some TIPS.

Large-Company Funds

Recently reopened. Kiplinger’s Top 25.

Kiplinger’s Top 25. Impressive returns.

International Funds

Very good returns. Kiplinger’s top 25 pick.

Good returns as well. I like it.

There you have it!

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