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Euro Trip: Greece and Poland June 29th, 2004

Euro Trip: Greece and Poland

Oh, what a vacation it had been. For those two weeks I’ve been in a different world. Literally. We had a very good time. And like I said in my previous post, Greece was exotic and Poland was relaxing, family oriented.

Greece. We’ve seen two different worlds in Greece. Athens, or Acropolis in Athens, is something to see. I’ve never seen anything like it. It is an amazing statue that’s been there since the beginning of the mankind.

Then there is Athens, the city. Or I should say Athens before Olympics. Let me tell you, it looks like a great rebuilding of Athens. A lot of construction is taking place before the Olympics. Thus, Athens is a bit messy. But Plaka, the old town of Athens, is very nice.

Greek Islands. This is a totally different world than Athens. They’re beautiful, tourist friendly, and expensive. Yes, the islands are beautiful, and you’ll not be bored on them. There is so much you can do that the islands will satisfy even the most demanding. We visited two of them.

Santorini was the first one. This is probably the most amazing island. The island still has a volcano and the whole island is on the volcano contour: it seems like the island is on a mountain. It’s very nice.

Mykonos was the second one. And Mykonos has a town that has has a labyrinth architecture. Those streets are so small and plentiful that you’ll get lost. We did. And it took has like 10 minutes to find our way. It’s very cool.

We’ve seen most of the islands because we rented a scooter (12-15$/day). We had a lot of fun riding that little motorcycle (and no, I didn’t have any experience). I would definitely recommend that.

Beaches on the island are also amazing. They’re very liberal, not like in U.S. Half of the women don’t wear bras and every beach also has a nude beach on the right side. That makes the beaches interesting!

Poland was next, after 6 days of Greece. I’ve met up with my new family — from my wife’s side — and relaxed a little. We went to Zakopane, Krakow, and Tarnow. Krakow is a great city, I think it is one of the nicest cities in Europe. I always pay a visit when I’m in Poland and I always like it. A lot of tourists, too.

So there you go. Pretty much the whole vacation. I don’t want to bore more and take more space. But we had a great time. More vacations like this and I’ll be happy.

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