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Marriage Test

When reading by Pat Williams, I found a few really good life lessons. One of them is a set of questions that you should answer about the person you are about to marry. Sort of a marriage test.

I think these questions are really interesting.

If you are already married, though, you’re stuck with what you have. There is nothing you can do.


If you are already married, read these questions. Try to do some of the things for your spouse. Try to make him/her better! Have fun together. Loving is hard work. And both of us have to work hard to make it happen!

Here is the marriage test:

Does he/she make you a better person?

Do you make him/her a better person?

Is this person growing in their faith (on their own, without your prompting)?

Are you ready to have 15,000 dinners with this person over a period of fifty years?

Does he/she challenge you physically? Spiritually? Mentally?

Do you have fun together?

Can you drive for ten hours on a trip and talk non-stop?

Does he/she recognise your dreams and give you wings to fly?

, Pat Williams, page 212

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