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My Feb 2007 Stocks and ETFs January 30th, 2007

My Feb 2007 Stocks and ETFs

Here are my current holdings in the beginning of 2007. My strategy now is still go with a defensive lineup and also diversify more internationally. I also decreased my position in energy. I’m going to stick to my strategy and even increase my exposure to ETFs and opt for less risk than investing in individual stocks.

: $68: A giant that’s beaten up a bit. Should recover. Quality stock..

: $36: Quality company with good management. Diversified. Looks cheap.

: My recent addition. Company makes good products, moves into more healthy oriented products. Good international player.

: Panasonic makes the best plasmas and cameras. Good growth potential.

: It’s beaten down now but a quality company with very good growth potential.

: One of the biggest and beaten down. Good pipeline.

: I believe content is the king and will eventually provide the most value. I’m losing my patience with AOL and I might unload in the near future.

: I’m still optimistic about the fiber rollout. The best wireless provider.

: I think Yahoo is cheap compared to Google. Good search technology. Very good growth potential. Cheap.

: The biggest energy player. Safe bet.

My current ETFs

: It slowed down recently but still a good diverifier.

: Recommended by S&P, good diversified holding.

: Recommended by S&P. A lot of potential growth.

: Japan is recovering. Recommended by S&P.

: Telecom is a good defensive sector.

: Recommended by S&P.

: I am a big fan of companies that keep increasing their dividents. This ETF is focusing on that.

: Similar story to SDY, divident focused with a little different lineup.

: Over the years, the S&P index beats most of the funds.

: Is energy ever going to go down? Probably, but not anytime soon it looks like.

: Baby boomers are starting to retire. Health care has very good growth potential.

: Even in a slow economy, people still need to buy everyday products. Good defensive player.

: I hold it because it’s recommended by S&P. I do think that diversification in bonds is imporant.

: Recommended by S&P.

Whoa, that took me some time. I have 3-5% in most of these, with around 7% for the S&P Index.

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